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Are you ready for a challenge? Do you want to develop existing or new skills? Do you want to help the next generation develop and get the most out of the Air Cadet Organisation? If so then becoming a member of staff within the Air Training Corps could be for you!

There are numerous roles on offer within the Air Training Corps ranging from Civilian Instructors to commissioned officers in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training) branch. Each role has different requirements and expectations of those that fill them. Whatever your skills or background you could have something to offer in one of these roles.

The first step for new members of the organisation is to become a Civilian Instructor (CI). CIs are sometimes called the backbone of the Air Training Corps due to their varied and invaluable skills. They often assist the uniformed staff team in providing training for the cadets, help with planning and logictics or provide admin support.

If you want to commit more to the Air Training Corps going into uniform is often the way. You could become an NCO (non-commissioned officer) or commissioned officer in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training) branch. As a member of the uniformed staff team you'll be integral to the planning, delivery and development of the Squadron's training program.

Whatever role you choose you'll be helping the cadets get the most out of their time in the Air Training Corps whilst developing yourself. You'll also get the opportunity to experience many of the great events the Squadron participates in.

If you're interested in joining as adult staff or would like to discuss it further why not get in touch? You can find our details on the Contact Us page.

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